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I started The Memory Curator in 2018 to combine my passion for memory-keeping, with my experience in project management, process improvement, and graphic design; into a business helping others manage their photos and memory collections. My goal is to help people curate, protect and celebrate their lifetime of memories. I offer useful advice on my blog and pinterest site, and I offer memory keeping products at two Etsy shops to help people preserve their photos and stories through photo books, scrapbooking and journaling.
My background as a computer professional and project manager has given me the needed skills to help people navigate through ever-changing technical solutions and challenges. As technology continues to evolve, most people are getting more & more behind, so the need to curate and preserve our photos, keepsakes and memorabilia is vital. Future-proofing is one of my main goals so that people can leave a legacy for their loved ones.
On the graphics art side, I was a leader in the digital scrapbooking community during its peak years, serving for 10 years on the ‘Scrapbookgraphics’ Studio Crew (Site Team) and working as the Art Director for ‘The Daily Scrapper’ online magazine. My digital art creations have been published in multiple magazines including Somerset Studio, Scrapbook Bytes Tid-Bits, Scrapbook News & Review, and the Artisan’s N

Karen Mujica

My Principles

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Do it right

I believe in following industry 'best practices' when it comes to organizing ones photo mess. This includes having a plan, establishing a digital photo hub, using metadata, having a backup process and using archival storage solutions.

The Memory Curator: Helping you curate, conserve and celebrate your photos/keepsakes. #pictures #photos #collage #canvas #organize #personalized #photobooks #projectlife #planners #journal #legacy www.thememorycurator.com


Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Its important to use non-proprietary software and solutions that will stand the test of time.

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Honor the Story

Stories matter. The custom designs offered in my Etsy shop products were created with a focus on family history and story-telling to help people celebrate their memories and preserve them for future generations.