Junk Journal supply list: paper stamps punches washi tape paints ephemera

Getting Started With Junk Journaling

Junk journaling is a unique and creative form of paper crafting that allows you to transform everyday items into beautiful and meaningful keepsakes. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting out, junk journaling is a fun and rewarding way to express your creativity and preserve your memories.

Most Important Junk Journaling Supplies

To get started with junk journaling, you’ll need some basic supplies like a journal or notebook, paper, adhesive, and embellishments. But what really sets junk journaling apart is the use of “found” or recycled items like vintage papers, tickets, postcards, and ephemera.

  • Paper: Different types of paper such as patterned paper, cardstock, vellum, vintage paper, and scrapbook paper are essential for junk journaling.
  • Adhesives: You will need a variety of adhesives such as glue sticks, double-sided tape, glue dots, and liquid glue for attaching paper and other embellishments.
  • Scissors: A good pair of scissors are essential for cutting paper and trimming edges.
  • Pens and markers: Pens and markers are used for journaling and adding details to your junk journal pages.
  • Stamps and ink pads: Stamps and ink pads are great for adding images and patterns to your journal pages.
  • Embellishments: Embellishments such as stickers, die-cuts, ribbons, lace, and charms add depth and interest to your pages.
  • Washi tape: Washi tape is a decorative tape that comes in different colors and patterns and can be used for borders, frames, and adding interest to your pages.
  • Punches: Paper punches come in different shapes and sizes and are used to create shapes and designs for your journal pages.
  • Brushes and paints: Brushes and paints are used for adding color and texture to your journal pages.
  • Ephemera: Ephemera such as tickets, postcards, receipts, and other vintage items can be used to add interest and authenticity to your journal pages.

The beauty of junk journaling is that there are no hard and fast rules – it’s all about using your imagination and making something uniquely your own. You can experiment with different textures, colors, and patterns, and incorporate your own personal touches to make your journal truly one-of-a-kind.

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Whether you’re looking to document your travels, create a scrapbook of family memories, or simply express your creativity, junk journaling is a fantastic way to explore your artistic side and create something beautiful and meaningful. So grab some supplies, let your imagination run wild, and start creating your own unique junk journal today!